Change Makers


"The word “disability” is not in the athletes' minds at all. We don’t see it as a disability. For myself, I see it as a unique ability."

Change Makers


"I was eager to meet and converse with my peers and key leadership throughout the country. It is very important to give folks that may not normally interact the opportunity to do so."

Change Makers


"The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is an epitome of what cities should be implementing to reach the needs of their own cities — since not every city requires the same things."

Change Makers


"My advice is to get involved with Year Up or a program like it."

Change Makers


"I hope more youth will take a close look at their communities and see what problems are bothering them and then fix them."

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Get informed, build your skills, and become a more effective change maker!

  • Ever wondered what the FAFSA is and how it can help you pay for college? Get a quick overview of what the FAFSA is, what you need to know about it, and how your college decides how much financial aid you will receive.

  • Learn how to stay on top of your finances by ordering a free Financial Self Defense Kit from Get credit reports, debt calculators, information about fraud protection, financial tips, and more. 

  • You and your girlfriends talk about everything — don’t forget to make health a part of the conversation. Find out how you and your friends can encourage one another to eat healthy, exercise regularly, make healthy choices about sex, and more. 

  • This tool helps you learn how to speak up and advocate for yourself. With this tool, you can map out personal goals, learn about your rights and responsibilities, learn the best way to ask for help, and get organized.

Get connected to internships, speaking engagements, conferences, and other opportunities!

  • Build leadership skills, gain public policy experience, and learn more about the President’s initiative on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships as an intern with the Partnership Center. 

  • Job Corps is the nation's largest career technical training and education program for students ages 16 through 24.

  • Learn more about career opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students with the Student Conservation Association's National Park Service Academy!

  • Youthbuild provides an alternative education pathway that encourages youth to obtain a high school diploma or GED, while advancing toward employment while developing leadership skills and serving the community.

Get support. Give support.

  • created a series of guides that contain helpful information for people with disabilities. Find resources on topics that are important to you, like financial aid, student transition planning, transportation, and job training. 

  • The National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth (NCFY) published this short list of hotline numbers that every youth should have, especially youth dealing with homelessness.

  • Developed by the National Association of Broadcasters and featured on, OK2TALK is a new campaign that aims to encourage young people struggling with mental health challenges to talk about their experiences, without fear of stigma, and to create opportunities for open conversation

  • Many Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students, including many Sikh turbaned youth, face bullying and harassment based on their appearance. Check out this Google Hangout, organized by White House intern Naureen Singh as part of her E3!